Sightseeing in Auckland is never a chore. Buses, trains, and ferries are very accessible. Thus, visitors get the chance to visit and enjoy the sights outside the CBD. In case you do get lost, don’t fuss, most buses, all trains, and most ferries can take you back to the city centre. The following information will give you some details regarding the suggested place to visit, the bus/ train/ ferry to take, and the duration of travel. Take note that the starting point for most of them is within the vicinity

  Here are some of the many photographs taken by James Broadbent. We had an incredible time during the shoot. As this is our first time, in eight years, to have photos of us taken professionally, it felt like a daunting task. James, however, ensured that we were comfortable enough to not even notice the cameras at work. Special Thanks to: James Broadbent of James Broadbent Photography Debbie Delgado MUA Photoshoot Location: Cornwall Park, Epsom, Auckland

Auckland is a unique and interesting city, with a good mix of people, activities, and landscapes, we’re sure you’ll find something that will suit your interests; from art galleries and museums, to parks and beaches, you name it, and Auckland certainly has it. What we love most about this city is the fact that one could easily get out of the busy metropolitan hub and be in the middle of a forest/nature reserve/marine wildlife park within minutes! Within the CBD, here are the places you can explore (which are mostly free): 1. Auckland

Please note that this post was originally written for our wedding guests so you may notice us using the word “guest/guests” in some parts of the blog. 😊 To all our guests, here are some pieces of information that will hopefully help you guys in planning your trip. 1. Visa Guests from Australia, Canada and the US: You do not need to apply for a visa if you are a citizen of the US or Canada travelling to NZ if you are staying for less than three months. Otherwise, you will

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