Auckland Food Show: 5 Reasons Why You Should Go

Auckland Food Show: 5 Reasons Why You Should Go

It’s that time of the year again when people head to the ASB Showgrounds to attend the annual Auckland Food Show.

As food and bargain lovers, we always make sure to attend this event. Below are some of the goodies that you’ll get to taste (yes! you get to do a taste-test before you commit to purchasing) when you visit the Food Show.


Aoraki Salmon
Aoraki Smokehouse Salmon $10.00 NZD | Usual price: $13.00 (
Beak and Sons
Beak and Sons 20-minute Meals | Not yet sold in stores at the time of writing this blog.
Taylor Farms
Taylor Farms fresh Handcrafted Salads 3 for $10.00 NZD | Usual price in supermarkets $5.99
Hansell's Soup
Hansell's All Natural Soup 2 for $5.00 | Usual Price: $3.60 each (Countdown)
Primo Chorizo
Primo Chorizo 2 for $5.00 NZD | Usual price: $3.80 each (Countdown)


I love Baking
I Love Baking - Cookie Assortment 3 for $10.00 NZD | Usual price: $4.99 per bag (Countdown)
I love Pies
I Love Pies - Salted Caramel Apple Pie $9.00 NZD | Usual Price: $11.99 (Countdown)


Good Buzz Kombucha
Good Buzz Kombucha $12.00 for 4 bottles

6 bottles for $15.00 NZD
(no photo)

LOR Coffee Capsules
LOR Coffee $7.00 per sleeve | Usual Price: $8.49 (Countdown)


Nut Brothers Almond Butter
Nut Brothers Almond Butter Sunflower & Chia Fibre $8.00 NZD | Usual Price $11.99 (Countdown)
Streamland lemon 'n Honey
One of the many freebies that you will get from the Food Show.

5 Reasons why you have to be a part of the annual Auckland Food Show

  1. There’s so much food and drinks that you can taste for FREE!
  2. Great deals are offered on products that are about to be introduced to the public.
  3. You are also able to purchase products that are already in the market at reduced prices (as shown in the photos above).
  4.  The Food Show will not be complete without the live cooking shows. You get to see some of the famous New Zealand chefs like Chelsea Winter, Simon Gault, and Michael Van de Elzen.
  5. Apart from the famous chefs, you’ll also rub shoulders with the awesome entrepreneurs who are part of the Food Show family. Of course, without their products, there definitely won’t be a show.

So what are you waiting for? Head to the ASB Showgrounds for the Auckland Food Show!

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