Get Discounts on Food and Activities while Helping the SPCA

Get Discounts on Food and Activities while Helping the SPCA

The SPCA (Society for the Prevention of the Cruelty of Animals), has been active in raising the people’s awareness about rampant animal cruelty and in promoting animal safety. Let us help them to continue their roles as advocates for all the animals who have been never been loved and cared for the way that they should have been. There are many ways to support the SPCA, first and foremost, please be a responsible pet owner, don’t purchase or adopt a pet if you are not fit to take care of one, because if you decide to get a pet out on a whim and then later on realize that you are not prepared to take on the responsibility, you just took that animal’s life for granted. Second, you can be a volunteer at one of the shelters or the op-shops, just submit your application form to the SPCA and wait for their reply. Third, you can adopt/ home any of the orphaned animals; again, please be sure that you are able and willing to take on the responsibilities of a pet owner. Lastly, you can purchase an Entertainment Book wherein 20% of the cost of every book that is sold goes to the SPCA.

The Entertainment Book contains a variety of discount coupons which can be used anywhere in New Zealand and Australia, depending on the book that you purchase.

P.S. We do not earn any money from selling this book. 🙂

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