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When purchasing the “A Budget Traveler’s Guide To Visiting New Zealand” ebook, it means that you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. A Budget Traveler’s Guide To Visiting New Zealand is merely a guide and it does not necessarily mean you need to follow all the tips outlined in the ebook.
  2. A Budget Traveler’s Guide To Visiting New Zealand is an original ebook created by Join the Travelling Pair, it is not to be plagiarized.
  3. All the content in the guide are based on Join the Travelling Pair’s experiences at the time of writing. This means that any changes in the promotions made by the companies stated in the guide are out of Join the Travelling Pair’s control.
  4. You, as the buyer of the copy of the guide, is expected to exercise due diligence when making your own bookings.
  5. Join the Travelling Pair is not responsible for any untoward incidences before, during, and after your bookings or trip whilst using this guide.
  6. Any questions should be asked prior to finalizing a purchase.
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