Tutukaka Coast: Mermaid Pools

Tutukaka Coast: Mermaid Pools

Mermaid Pools is one of the famous spots to visit at Tutukaka Coast. It is not a place where mermaids swim, as the name suggests, it is rather a group of rock pools which are deep enough to allow people to dive. We weren’t able to try the water because we found the pools just as the sun was setting, and the path going back to Matapouri Bay was quite tricky especially without any light source.

Directions to the Mermaid Pools:

From Marina Road, drive towards Matapouri Bay via Matapouri Road. The beach entrance will be on your right-hand side just after the dairy.

Matapouri bay 2

Facing the bay, the path to the Mermaid Pools is located on the left-hand side. It is best to go when the tide is low. Just follow the shoreline until you reach the most protruding “mountain” – a bizarre way to describe it, I admit. Walk towards the inner part and you will see a line (which was obviously formed due to people walking to and from the pools) leading up the mountain, this doesn’t really look like a properly made path, and it is incredibly steep.

There are ropes tied around the trees as you go up because of the absence of traction in some parts. Just follow the track until you see this wonderful sight.

Mermaid pools20160130_200603_Richtone(HDR)

These photos do not really justify the actual view which is why we highly recommend that you personally visit the place. There were people swimming when arrived so we weren’t able to take a photo of the other pools but we will definitely try to take a dip and take more photos once we get the chance to travel north again.



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