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We have been travelling in and around the US since July 16, 2017 and are about to wrap up our holiday in a week. The trip has so far been more than what we expected. We’ve reconnected with several family members whom we haven’t spoken to or physically seen in years, we’ve had more than enough Filipino foods including ube and  buko salad ice cream, and we’ve had our fair share of memorable experiences that will serve as conversation starters once we return to New Zealand. Indulging more on the

The SPCA (Society for the Prevention of the Cruelty of Animals), has been active in raising the people’s awareness about rampant animal cruelty and in promoting animal safety. Let us help them to continue their roles as advocates for all the animals who have been never been loved and cared for the way that they should have been. There are many ways to support the SPCA, first and foremost, please be a responsible pet owner, don’t purchase or adopt a pet if you are not fit to take care of one, because if you

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