Trek Global Backpackers | Wellington Accommodation Review

Trek Global Backpackers | Wellington Accommodation Review

Trek Global Backpackers is the second backpacker type accommodation that we’ve stayed at ever since we started travelling. Our first experience about 2 years ago, wasn’t very pleasant, which was why we were a little hesitant to book a room at this place. However, due to the high volume of people arriving in Wellington that weekend, most accommodations were already full. So we ended up booking a room at Trek Global Backpackers. We stayed there for 4 days and 3 nights and here’s our quick review:


The staff were friendly and ready to be of assistance from the moment we arrived, up until we left the premises. They were especially helpful with storing our luggage, which meant that we didn’t have to lug our bags around with us as we toured the city.

The room was reasonably clean and neat, including all the sheets and the towels. We weren’t too fussed about the sheets not being tucked in or mitered properly like you would see in a hotel because we knew what to expect with backpacker type facilities. As long as there was no hair and visible stains on the sheets (like the first backpacker accommodation that we’ve been to), we were happy.

The location and the facilities seemed to be very safe. Every section of the area was color-coded according to the section your room is in, and you get a key-card that will only allow you to access the lobby door (after hours when nobody is at the reception area), the door leading to your section, and your bedroom door. Also, all the doors within the premises, apart from the main communal area on the first floor are all on automatic locks so always bring your key with you.

There was a good number of communal toilets and bathrooms. Our room was in the Orange level, and there were a total of three bathrooms with toilets, and we only had to wait in line once or twice during our entire stay.

The communal areas, both in the Orange section and the main floor, were fully equipped with cooking equipment and utensils as well as running hot drinking water.

It is located almost in the heart of the city, which meant that we didn’t have to walk far to get to a restaurant or to explore the city center. It also eliminated the added cost of having to rent a car in order to get around because you can simply walk, or ride a bus from one of the central stops


The noise from both outside and inside the accommodation was often ridiculous. We had our expectations with budget accommodations but we didn’t expect it to be that raucous, the walls were very thin and you could hear absolutely everything (and we mean EVERYTHING) from the neighboring rooms and the street outside. This is isn’t very ideal especially after a good long day of hiking and exploring, and all you want to do is get a full night’s sleep.

One of the three bathrooms in our floor was often particularly dirty. We noticed that the staff would clean the bathrooms twice a day but as always, there’s always those group of  individuals whose hygiene standards are a bit lacking, which I guess, one would expect when staying in a communal environment.

Overall, it was a good experience staying at Trek Global Backpackers. It had good value for money and is conveniently situated, two things that hold a lot of weight for frequent travelers.

Safe Travels,

K & G

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